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The bottle water cooler.

problem with the baby bottle:

Quickly cooling down boiling water to a certain temperature.....

For milk formulas the water has to be freshly boiled,so that the necessary hygiene and sterility is warranted. In babies, germs and bacteria can cause health impairments and avoidable diseases, since their immune system is not yet as capable as that of an adult.

Why is the right temperature so important?
The respective manufacturers “attune” the powdered formula to a certain temperature, at which it should be stirred in. Only this temperature assures that the powder will dissolve properly and offer the maximum nutritional value for your baby. A too low temperature can result in lump formation and a too high temperature can destroy important substances, such as proteins, probiotic constituents or vitamins. Therefore the nourishment loses its nutritional value, which can cause dangerous deficiency symptoms.

The solution: the ingeniously simple Cool Twister

The perfect tempered bottle water in no time at all!
Easy to use, it works on the simple principle of heat exchange. The boiling water is cooled down from 100°C to an adjustable temperature of 40, 50 or 60°C in only 80 seconds. Without power or chemistry.

bt Cools down boiling water to the temperature recommended
   by milk formula manufacturers in approximately 80 seconds.
bt Provides a simple, fast and healthy bottle preperation.
bt Always the exact tempered water, therefore no lump formation.
bt Fits on all commercially available standard and wide neck bottles*.
bt World wide patented, internationally awarded, as well as TUV tested  
   and microbiologically tested 
  officially tested by Tüv Rheinland, the legal testing organisation in Germany     Dr. Fooke Logo   
bt Recommended by midwives ....
                                       .....loved by moms and dads

* not capable for glas-bottles, who have a small opening.